26 avril 2009

Namaste Mayuri mon amie !

(Mon amie Mayuri Raskar)

Namaste Mayuri

Bonjour Mayuri

I want to extend a warm welcome to you to be with me here. Thanks !

Please make us share freely your opinion on little things or on the world by the way it goes where from you observe it. I hope that you will feel free to write things as you understand them directly and without useless accommodation. Talk about everyday life in India. Tell us your feelings about common people as well as very important personalities. Write here when you want. It is possible that you will have questions, answer as check seems to you.

I know your intelligence, your boldness and your independence of spirit. Make us share your passions for the Indian poetry, ways of life, high life or the live's a bitch. Please relate the everyday life, evolutions of the Indian society, your vision of the world, etc. Use the shape which you wish for it.

Merci de nous faire partager librement ton avis sur les choses et sur le monde comme il va et d’où tu l’observes. J’espère que tu te sentiras libre d’écrire les choses comme tu les ressens directement et sans complaisance inutile. Celles du quotidien en Inde. Des petites gens comme des grandes.

Interviens quand tu veux. Il se peut que tu aies des questions réponds-y comme bon te semble.

Je connais ton intelligence, ton audace et ton indépendance d’esprit. Fais-nous partager de la poésie, l’art de vivre en Inde et en particulier dans le Maharashtra. Montre-nous le quotidien et ta vision du monde, etc. Fais-le comme bon te semble.

Warmest regards


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