25 avril 2009

Afganistan- Pakistan-USA and India too ? (TOI) A lire aussi l'opposition Inde-Chine à propos de la crise du Sri lanka (ci-dessous)

A top US general said on Friday that the Obama administration’s Af-Pak Special Representative Richard Holbrooke’s portfolio ''very much'' included India, but the man concerned himself said no it wasn’t.

''If the Indians were supporting those miscreants in Pakistan that would be extraordinarily bad, really dangerous, but they are not doing so. There is no evidence that Indians are support miscreants in western parts of Pakistan or in Balochistan,'' he said.(...)

The subject of Holbrooke’s portfolio is considered sensitive because
Pakistan has linked its policy to its dispute with India on Kashmir and also India’s presence in Afghanistan. Islamabad wants the Holbrooke portfolio to include India (and the Kashmir issue), but New Delhi has rejected the linkage because of its insistence on resolving the issue bilaterally. (...)

Addressing Pakistani fears about the Indian role in Afghanistan, Holbrooke said India had given about $1 billion assistance to Afghanistan, but it should not be a cause of concern for Pakistan. (...)

Pakistan does not need to worry about India in Afghanistan, but it has to be worried about miscreants and militants in its western parts,'' he said, according to reports in the Pakistani media.

Read more : :http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Is-India-too-a-concern-for-US-Af-Pak-envoy/articleshow/4449183.cms



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