14 avril 2010

Covenant with thoughts (poem) Fall.Ayatte

Abandon your free attitudes rebellious thoughts.

Carefree guest of my solitary morning.

Soften my pain, desert my memories.

Let me enjoy the beauty of the fleeting time,

Complete the mundane daily serenely.

Take pity on me the day ending

Here I enter a pact with you today

With one accord I can be saved

I do not claim you happiness, I cry :

Don’t keep me longer on the path of pain ;

Erase my love from my memory as a merci ;

Do dry my tears for her too heavy ;

Fits me in ignorance and forgetfulness !

So, I will seat in peace in the dark pit :

The huge silence of my lost love.

Here, I promise to sneak to the distant country

To meet my brothers on the day of the great sleep.


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